"Are you in the shower?"

Today whilst ‘band practicing’ Nic and I decided to text 15 friends the message, "Are you in the shower?" to see how they would respond. Results varied.

Dannypants - “Lol what?”

Darren - “Wat?”

Sascha (Girlfriend) - “How did you know?!?!!” [Followed by a phone call which she half ‘creeped outly?’ ask how I knew]

Belle - “(RE:)Huh? Is this michael?”

Ryan Unwin - “why would you ask that? haha”

James Smith - “Maybe”

James Lidsey - “Nope? Are you?”

Ibrahim - ” ?  ? “

Mandy - “Yes, yes I am”

Damon Flemming - “Haha, im with alex on my way over to mine, why?”

Richy - Who just started in the Airforce later rang saying that I messaged him right when he was next to a Corporal when they weren’t supposed to have their phones on them. (Bad boy 4 Lyf!)

The following people are dead to me [For the purpose of dramatic effect: Vivek, Spress, Chiara and Ashley (If I still have your right number, but still, no excuse!) - For shame. I was tempted to message a random number but fear of that message ending up on a little kids phone convinced me otherwise.

"This was a major learning experience. I learnt nothing!"


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    coming out of the shower to pick up your phone and read “are you in the shower?” is a pretty creepy thing to experience....
  2. chiarazard said: Knowing the troll like nature of you and your friends i decided that i would not encourage and/or validate such shenanigans and tomfoolery with a response. Thus my decision to not reply was the most appropriate response of all.
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