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Song That Mean A Lot To Me (Updated)

1) For The World - Transit

“And the last thing you said To me was this, ‘I wouldn’t trade you for the world!’…”

Ever since I heard this song It has been one of my favorites and most meaningful, There has hardly been a day since their acoustic EP “Something Left Behind” came out, where I haven’t listened to it.

The song tells the story of a perfect romance before a subtle unexplained end leaving the singer lost and confused, but still determined to come out on top of it all:

“I’ve got time to kill, But I won’t waist a second Cause I’m growing tired of waiting and wasting away.

Right now it seems like all I know and love is gone Except my beat up guitar and unfinished songs, at least I finished this one!”

The way this part is sung just pushes these lyrics so much more, the strained voice that still manages to hit every note reminds me, although I’m hurting, I’ll eventually get to where I want to be.

But what brings the song home is when Joe brings back in the opening line, “And the last thing you said…” over the top. It’s just the perfect juxtaposition of feelings and so full of irony.

I think I over analyse a lot of songs. Possibly the reason why I can’t stand most pop music or indie. For me, music is all about the how the MUSIC WORKS WITH THE LYRICS…yeah.


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