Songs That Mean A Lot To Me

2) Getting Over The Overs - Ruiner

"Yeah! now i fucking get it… what you meant when you said moving as far as i can will change everything… i never understood it then but i understand it now the options are slim, the placements perfect no one knows me here… and all those moments i spent screaming at the wall… hoping maybe your picture could answer back… and sometimes, and sometimes, i wish i didnt care. yes sometimes i wish i could never hear your voice…then maybe this would be easy, maybe this would be as simple as the way it hurt you, without thought or reason, without a shred of compassion.. and the fuck ups.. I’m never coming home. its so easy when there is someone else to blame but i see that same fucking face every fucking day. im spending every second wishing i could take it all back and you were so different this is the end. i never got it i never knew what it meant you only appreciate someone when they’re fucking gone and you kept drinking, until i didnt exist..well im sorry…im sorry…im desperate…im sorry and for once…im speechless”

RUINER ARE AMAZING! I listened to the “What Could Possibly Go Right? EP” every day for 3 of the hardest months of my life. It really help make things feel that little bit more bearable every time, especially this song. It didn’t necessarily fit my situation word for word but I shared a lot of the same emotions and feelings. This song is so powerful and hands down my favourite hardcore song ever.

Ruiner are 2 legit 2 quit, except they did, because they were extremely legit (check out their reason for it and you’ll understand.)